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Real World Racing now available on Steam!

The Real World Racing Version Update 1.27 has just been released.   The main feature of this update is the availability of 5 new cars purchasable in the dealership, one for each of the game’s car classes. The theme for the new content is Italian cars from the past, including quite a few all-time favorites. [...]


Real World Racing at 80% off on Steam for a limited period of time! New Zombie DLC available at 50% off! Act now!


The Real World Racing Amsterdam & Oakland DLC Bundle including 8 extra tracks and 4 new cars available now on Steam!


Real World Racing is out now on Steam!

Real World Racing now on Steam!

New Game Trailers editorial including RWR!


Watch the brand new official launch trailer now!


RWR available for pre-order at just $9.99!
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Playstos partners with MuSe, the Sciences Museum of Trento, recently inaugurated with a big event lasted from 26 to 28 july.